Sara Hilden Art Museum

One stage international competition

The new museum building occupies the northern part of the competition site, north of Finlaysoninkatu Street, and faces its principal facade, which is the former headquarters of the factory building. The proposal tries to minimize the impact of massive exhibition volume and leave as much free space around itself as possible. The new proposed building parallels the existing historic and industrial heritage volumes, occupying the most logical perimeter within the existing urban tissue and, in this sense, completing the existing block in the city pattern. The second long facade faces entirely the existing urban park, protecting it from the street and, at the same time, allowing the new visitor flows to penetrate the new volume on the ground floor, creating a new physical connection with the park, as well as visual connection thanks to the big glazed openings within the massive block of the exhibition volume. The new proposal preserves entirely the existing important tree species and organizes its program completely around the vegetation, creating a strong visual connection with the nature around it.