Primary school

New primary school Brüggli, Romanshorn, Switzerland, competition (2022)

The new school building site is closed off to the north and west by the street, and its geometry follows the alignment of the buildings in the surrounding neighbourhood. The building will be placed in the centre of the perimeter in the northern part of the site, leaving the entire southern part free for landscape and playgrounds. Framed by Kamorstrasse, the planned new building refers to the existing street alignments, intersections and junctions. The building height gently follows the volumes of the surrounding buildings and naturally continues them, so that the open character of the settlement remains undisturbed. The skylight and the high windows of the classrooms and adjoining rooms let the maximum amount of natural light into the heart of the project. The ancillary rooms could possibly be combined one-to-one into a double-space room or opened up towards the interior to merge the boundary between outside and inside and allow the view of the green areas to penetrate to the heart of the new school.