Piscina Mirabilis

The project’s idea is to introduce minimal impact on the existing structure. The concept is to propose a simple and very humble additional structure and refurbishment that only supports and fulfils the main space as the primary protagonist of the new museum complex. The carefully selected extensions are to be presented in a rather classical manner as a contemporary design. The complete design suggests any contemporary artist is more connected to the existing local heritage and the memory of the territory. The vicinity of the idea for the Mediterranean Sea as a starting point is crucial for the art pieces to inhabit the new space. Despite the newly organized exhibition path, the two existing staircases are preserved as secondary/personal ways in case of a need. The exhibition path is unique and clear, starting with cantilevered ramps made of corten steel sheets and leading the visitors down to the lowest point of the ex-roman cistern. It ends with a monumental stair, and in the same way, reverse, it starts again on the opposite side to bring us back up on the ground by the secondary existing entrance/exit of the structure. In the middle is a bridge that connects the two paths and suggests new views.