Europan 16

A competition entry / Europan 16, Brussels, Belgium

The URBAN fox

The project aims to redefine the meaning of refurbishment, exploring new social housing types and cultural centres corresponding to the constantly growing needs of the cultural diverse Brussels.

The new building program will accommodate mainly young professionals, families and students, creating a colourful mix of cultures. It feels like a strange combination but put in the context of Ixelles it looks normal to have all these different people together giving them the possibility to socialize and mingle together.

A typical day in the new social house will be also connected to the adjacent cultural centre / located in the new wing of the refurbished building/. People occupying the new apartments can easily integrate in the cultural mix of Brussels, visiting the cultural centre, participating in the workshops with traditional craftsmanship or learning a new language.

The need for more social housing in Brussels is a well-known topic and is often being discussed. Therefore, by creating this new function of the old building, the project aims to act as a first step in finding new answers to the constantly increasing need for house units and places for socializing.