el triángulo

Concéntrico 06 – Festival Internacional de Arquitectura y Diseño de Logroño

We decided to use the simple and beautiful element of the arch as a main protagonist in our pop-up pavilion applying it on our main and most welcoming and representative temporary facade which we are proposing on the square. We create a simple structure welcoming the guest with its three main doors, creating a visual parallel with some of the most important monuments in the city of Logroño. The main element of the pavilion is a big stair/tribune on which all the different people visiting the city can have a rest, a chat and they can share information, experience, tips, etc. The pavilion can be completely closed during the night and open again during the day hours. The pavilion allow all the pedestrian flows around itself and its form plus openings are creating new perspectives on each corner. We create a wonder box, where everyone can interact with the city and the visual information provided from the info-center, kind of a small city-in-the-city. We could see the pavilion as a tribunes or a scene, the people as visitors or performers.