Croatóan café

Located on the ground level of the old house on the corner of two busy and noisy boulevards in the city, the building has a gross area of just 25.00 sqm, is on a single level, and is divided as follows: entrance hall with a small bar and place for customers, small hall with three tables and area for merchandising, plus service spaces, a tiny storage room and a toiled, which are connected with almost invisible doors disappearing on the grey wall. The idea is to put the accent on the coffee itself and to place the coffee machine in the centre of the café-bar. The material palette is clean and simple – grey terrazzo tops and sides for the bar and table tops, natural plywood and black-painted steel elements. Every material is used in simple combination with the others, and the clear grey-painted walls plus the natural concrete floor and the line of cement tiles in it. The customers can take their coffee away or choose a cosy place on the bar looking outside over the boulevard or a chair in the small room with tables – all the furniture is custom-made.