Cat&Mouse beer bar and concept store II

Six months after opening the first part of the bar, the owners got the opportunity to rent the neighbouring space and connect it with the existing one. A ‘door’ has been made between the two rooms and we were searching to create a natural contrast between the two parts with respect to the old typical architectural vision. At the same time, our main objective was to preserve the space’s identity and make it one united complex space with the old intervention. The beautiful old plasters on the walls found during construction have influenced our design approach and completely changed the initial idea. As a result, we made brain-storming on a new concept, in the centre of which was the existing wall finishing. The old flooring is almost completely kept after refurbishing and changing part of it with grey-coloured tiles. The new lighting hangs around the old steel nets on the construction site, typically used as a supporting unit for concrete works. The tables are made of steel profiles with marble tops. Half of the chairs are taken from old schools, where they were abandoned as unnecessary objects. They are completely covered by the original student scribbles and names of bands and local football teams, which only underlines the contrast between new and old. All the used materials give respect to the memories of the place and bring them back to life one more time today.