Rampe del Salvatore, Napoli

Concept design for refurbishment and restoration of an abandoned old spaces under urban ramp in the borders of the university. The selected design is part of a much bigger scale concept project which is to present new internal and external circulation ways within the big monumental complex and main cluster of the public non-sectarian university structure both in Italy and abroad – ‘Universit√° degli studi di Napoli ‘Federico II’. The ‘Grande complesso universitario in via Mezzocannone’, part of the Naples’ Historic center and UNESCO protected has a long history and it is created by connecting many different by structure, age, function, etc. single buildings and now it is the main University building, containing its administrative heading, most of the important University Museums, as well as housing many of its students over the buildings and floors.

Together with its importance and significant role within the Historic center of Naples, the building itself struggle to settle sustainable connections with its surroundings and to present itself as a center of the whole university-museum cluster in the enormously rich urban pattern of this part of the city. Our project was to define few main points, usually unused, closed of locked parts of the historical buildings, where with small efforts and very careful interventions we can ‘open’ the building not only to its students but to all the people, both local and visitors, who are curious enough to discover some of the most interesting and sometimes hidden places in the city.

More info is coming soon…

The project was designed in a team together with Salvatore Enrico Piras, Maria Lucia Di Costanzo, Marina Tangari, Gerardo Topputo, Gianfelice Tinelli, Gabriele Stingi.