A Room with a View

Concentrico 08 Temporary installation competition.
Viña Lanciano of Bodegas LAN. Logroño (España) & Quinta do Seixo of Sogrape. Cima-Corgo (Portugal)

The biggest and most important asset of the suggested project site is definitely the view. A scenic view is beautiful in all directions. The project proposal explores how to ‘connect’ the two locations with an imaginary line. The plan suggests equal design on both sites which are in the distant dialogue between themselves and look toward each other.

To make the visual experience even stronger the design suggests lifting the view platform above the ground, offering a unique experience over the wine landscape. The general form of the wooden (half-) block is rather monumental and at the same time calm without trying to put itself as the most important but to support the existing beauty.

The space inside is getting narrower in height, offering at the end a very small and intimate space for only one person. A person could stay alone and not be disturbed by anything, only with the view around. The bottom part is a wider staircase offering a place to sit, enjoy the view in the other direction and hide for a bit of the sun.

In order to make the feeling even stronger, the design suggests having the interior part of the wooden panels impregnated in an intense dark wine-red colour. It will suggest even higher privacy and intimacy of the interior space, making a connection with the colour of the grapes and leaving a higher contrast between interior and exterior space.