selected publications [2011-2018]


10 years Open Arts: HERE EVERYWHERE, Open Arts Foundation, 2018 (Bulgarian/English)
BIBLIOTECHE INSOLITE, Italy/UK, LOGOS Publishing, 2015 (Italian)
GLOBAL PUBLIC SPACE TOOLKIT, UN United Nations, Kenya, 2015 (English)
MASTERPIECES: LIBRARY, Switzerland, BRAUN Publishing, 2014 (English)
MAKE_SHIFT CITY, Germany, JOVIS Publishing, 2014 (English)
SMALL & CHIC INTERIORS, UK/Spain, LOFT Publishing, 2014 (English)


MD Furniture magazine, Bulgaria, July-August 2018 (Bulgarian/English)
MD Furniture magazine, Bulgaria, July-August 2016 (Bulgarian/English)
Architext magazine, Romania, March 2016 (Romanian/English)
Bravacasa magazine, Bulgaria, January 2016 (Bulgarian)
Capital Light magazine, Bulgaria, April 2015 (Bulgarian)
Pro Holz Zuschnitt 55 Austria, September 2014 (German)
A10 magazine, Holland, May-June issue 2014 (English)
Capital Light magazine, Bulgaria, November 2013 (Bulgarian)
Architecture D’Interieur, France, July-August 2013 (French)
Architext magazine, Romania, May-June 2013 (Romanian/English)
DOMUS magazine, Israel, #25 April-May issue 2013 (Hebrew/English)
A10 magazine, Holland, March-April issue 2013 (English)
MD Furniture magazine, Bulgaria, March-April 2013 (Bulgarian/English)
Octogon magazine, Hungary, March 2013 (Hungarian)
Nash Dom (Our Home), Bulgaria, March, 2013 (Bulgarian)
CURVE magazine, Lebanon, February-March 2013 (English)
The Swatch Eye, Switzerland, #1 2013 (English)
Casaviva magazine, Bulgaria, spring issue 2013 (Bulgarian)
Architecture magazine, Bulgaria, #2 issue 2013 (Bulgarian/English)
Bravacasa magazine, Bulgaria, November 2012 (Bulgarian)
Abitare magazine, Bulgaria, November 2012 (Bulgarian)
Abitare magazine, Bulgaria, December-February 2012 (Bulgarian/English)
Edno (ONE) Magazine, Bulgaria, #95 winter issue 2011-2012 (Bulgarian/English)
LIK (Face) Magzine, Bulgaria, 2011 (Bulgarian)
A10 magazine, Holland, November-December 2011 (English)
Casaviva magazine, Bulgaria, winter issue 2011 (Bulgarian)
Bravacasa magazine, Bulgaria, October 2011 (Bulgarian)
Bravacasa, Bulgaria, January-February 2011 (Bulgarian)

awards and honours:

A10 Magazine for contemporary European architecture – Top 5 Up-coming Bulgarian architects and practices, 2014
Architizer A+ Awards, Pop-up Category – Winner Popular vote, New York, USA, 2013
WhATA Awards Best Building Category – Winner Popular Vote, Sofia, 2013
Architecture Week, Exhibition ‘20 under 36’ – Special Diploma, Top 5 young Bulgarian architects, 2013
Urban Public Space Prize, Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona – Shortlisted, 2012
DOMUS Academy competition, Mention, 2011


‘Drifting Architecture‘ East Centric Triennale Main Exhibition, Bucharest, Romania, 2016
Triennale of Milan Exhibition ‘Esportare il centro storico’, 2015 – Brescia, Italy, 2015 (curators: Benno Albrecht, Anna Magrin)
Small interventions with high results in the Historical Center, Days of Architecture Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2015
Best Interiors of South-East Europe, Month of Design, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2014
Sofia Architecture Week 2013 – Exhibition ‘20 under 36’, the Best Young Architects, 2013
Trans(ap)parencies 2013 East Centric Architecture Triennale Exposition, Romania, 2013
‘Urban Dreams’ Festival and Exhibition, video presentation in Center for Contemporary Art, October-November, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2012
‘City and public spaces’ urban festival, temporary site-specific exhibition, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2012
Architecture forum Plovdiv /‘45 years of Union of Architects in Bulgaria’/ Sofia/Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2011 and 2012
Arch21Society Summer Exhibition, Blackall Studio, Shoreditch, London, UK, 2011

lectures and presentations:

International Conference on Art and Urban Public Space (‘Project 0‘) – contemporary installation of Kiril Kuzmanov, Plovdiv, 2014
Discussion on theme ‘Architecture and Art’, moderators DontDIY; with Nedko Solakov, Georgi Katov I/O Architects, Vesselina Sarieva, Sofia 2014
Sofia Architecture Week – Presentation of main works of the studio and discussion (Panel ‘What’s Next’ – the upcoming Bulgarian architects), 2013
Sofia Architecture Week – Alternative Map of Plovdiv – series of architectural walks, presenter; based on the ‘City Arbour‘ meetings, 2013
Deutsche Welle DW-Euromaxx, presenting the new generation of young architects and artists working with public spaces, 2013
Sofia Architecture Week – Presentation of Cosmos Cinema Competition, Results and Exhibition, 2012
Besedka (‘A City Arbour’) – presentation and architectural discussions about public space in the city of Plovdiv, 2012
Lecture and presentation of projects at Positive/Negative Architecture Students Awards, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2011
Sofia Architecture Week, Discussion “The Limits of the Balkans” (moderator arch. Hans Ibelings, The Netherlands), Sofia, Bulgaria, 2011
Pecha Kucha Night Vol.9 – Presentation, part of Sofia Architecture Week with curator Hans Ibelings, The Netherlands, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2011

jury and expertise:

Member of the Jury – DIBLA Competition and Awards, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2017 and 2018
Member of the Jury for projects of Plovdiv 2019 (European Culture Capital) Foundation, 2012
Expert in the Architecture Commission of Plovdiv 2019 (European Culture Capital) Foundation, 2012
Expert in commission of Project ‘Plovdiv 2020’ Cultural Strategy and Visual Identity, Municipality of Plovdiv, 2012
Member of the Jury – Positive/Negative Architecture Students Awards, Sofia, 2011

teaching and curator:

Professional School of Building, Architecture and Geodesy, part of the project ‘I can build’, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2014
Curating Exhibition ‘Failed Architectural Competitions’ – Sofia Architecture Week, Plovdiv, 2013

selected web: