studio 812 is a small architecture, landscape, interior, and design collective established in 2011 in the southern city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria — a crossroads between the cultures of the East and West. The studio’s work is strongly connected with research practices and believes in contextuality, simplicity, and natural materials. Our design searches for clear ideas and references with precision on various scales, focusing on the careful touch for existing buildings, historical cities, and valuable cultural or natural territories.

studio 812 was founded as a small space for exchanging ideas and connecting equal-minded people. It has since become a recognizable small office that has gained several recognitions worldwide. The office works in the fields of architecture, interior design, and temporary installations and often blurs the boundaries between disciplines. After years of working experience in Italy, Malta, Germany, France, and Switzerland, its founders connected the new space in Basel with the previous one in Lecco, Italy, continuing the research and journey of never-ending curiosity about architecture.

Vladislav Kostadinov

1984, born in Bulgaria | 2010 masters in architecture from the University of Architecture in Sofia, Bulgaria | 2015 second-level master in architecture from Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II | 2017 interior design specialisation in NABA

2011 founding of studio 8 1/2 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and later in Lecco, Italy | 2016-2021 collaborations with AP Valletta, Malta; Andrea Caputo, Milan; Ippolito-Fleitz, Stuttgart; Auer-Weber, Munich; Cutwork, Paris | 2021-2024 collaboration with Herzog & de Meuron Architects, Basel | 2024 re-establishing studio 812 in Basel, Switzerland

2018 chamber of architects in Bulgaria | 2021 ordine degli architetti di Milano